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Stop using the 4 letter "F" word

The ‘F word’


The four letter ‘F word’ that often prevents us from reaching our full potential was an idea introduced by Mel Robbins, motivational speaker. Robbins talks about how using the word ‘fine’ reveals our complacency and dissatisfaction with our lifestyle. When we say we are ‘fine’ we have begun to plateau and coast through life. We should instead look for the best emotion we have at that time and describe ourselves positively.

Or, perhaps being stuck in the ‘fine zone’ is a signal that it is time to try something new, to break out of a routine. Dissatisfaction is not necessarily a bad thing, it is simply indicating our basic need for exploration and growth is not being met. In order to take on new things head on without giving in to procrastination and fear, Robbins puts forward the ‘5 second rule’, stating that when we have an impulse we have 5 seconds to act on it. For example, if we see somebody who looks interesting, or who has inspired us we have 5 seconds to walk over to that person and start a conversation. But it might not always be so direct, it could be setting a reminder, writing a note or googling something. The idea is that we have 5 seconds to take the leap; before our brain stops us and puts us back into ‘autopilot’ to return us to our comfortable and familiar environment.

The principle is simple. We should always strive to think and describe ourselves as positively as we can. But, if we find ourselves stuck in the ‘fine zone’ and in need of some change we should embrace it and take the step out of our comfort zone.

How can you apply this to your daily life? Could you talk about yourself and your life more positively? Or, could you use the 5 second rule?

Link for Mel Robbins’ ted talk:

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