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About me

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Tracey Hinsby -

Jumpstart Coach & Healthy Hedonist

I love to freestyle at everything! I have always looked for opportunities so my life story reads a bit like an encyclopaedia but what I have learnt is that you are always ready for a change, whether it is a minor tweak or a jump into the unknown. I have also helped a wide range of clients to make their changes.

I specialise in jumpstart coaching where I give you the tools to change direction quickly and easily using my qualifications as a coach and NLP practitioner (Neuro Linguistic programming, sort of between cognitive behavioral therapy and hypnotherapy). I help you step out of your destructive habitual patterns and reawaken your inner child and your zest for life as you shed the fear of change.

When you choose to come on retreat here, we will walk through the Austrian Alps, escape from your daily grind, and have coaching sessions that will open up new possibilities and help you to build a bridge to a brighter future. Are you ready? Then lets go!

If you chose the online sessions, you will get a set of 3 sessions that move you from past hangups, to now and then on to your future. These are online so very convenient. 

Have you had a dream for a long time?

Been thinking that you need change?

Have you had change thrust upon you and finding it hard?

Then my coaching services are for you


  • Practitioner of NLP - ANLP International CIC

  • Diploma in Personal Performance Coaching 


My mini biography

My childhood was spent in jeans and wellies, playing with ponies and helping out on the farm. My first road accident was at 12 when I was carting hay and had to dive through a hedge so it looked like an adult had been driving! I always loved learning new things but wasn't super sporty at school but could do everything to an average level. Due to ponies not wanting to be caught, I was pretty fit! As O'levels loomed (yes, I'm THAT old), I was moved to boarding school and my feral lifestyle was a bit more controlled. I passed my O'levels without too much effort but then failed my A'levels in spectacular fashion, setting up a fear of exams. That summer, I ran away to America to au pair for my aunt, ended up studying in Canada for the pre-vet course, failed that as training a racehorse was more interesting. My roommate was the outdoor pursuits instructor at the uni so I would also go along at the back of the group helping collect bodies! Dragged back to UK, I went sailing (free accommodation), was signed up to study horses at college and went on to do my degree in animal management before doing a 2 year management training course. That course gave me 6 months in each placement so as soon as I got the hang of it, I was moved to a different company and role. This taught me to be very resourceful.

I then followed my husband through 4 countries in 10 years, getting different jobs along the way (from environmental manager to trail ride guide, from charity coordinator to sausage maker, from life guard to mermaid to name a few)  and having 2 sons, finally ending up at our ski chalet in the Austrian Alps.

This is where we will be hosting the retreats. All 1:1 coaching will be online so no one has to drive anywhere (environmentally friendly!)

About my logo, retreats and coaching

My logo was beautifully designed by the bubbly and ever patient Trudie Avery from Avery Creatives She took my ideas of butterflies emerging, sunflowers always turning towards the sun and the nutritious side of life and managed to combine these diverse elements into one harmonious picture. I chose the colours because I love reds and yellows, associating them with fire (not McDonalds as a friend pointed out) and captured the essence of my Healthy Hedonist dream. 

The retreats are based around Relax and Reset. So often in this modern world we have no time to stand and stare, as the poem says, and let our subconscious move us from a frustrating and often overwhelming life to a life that we dream of with our passions incorporated rather than left on the shelf gathering dust until we are too old to actually enjoy them.


My 1:1 coaching gives you time to actually evaluate what you would like in your life and help you to create a space to enjoy it. I am also a great cheerleader to keep you on track with the steps you will need to take to get there and my community page will introduce you to like minded people, all moving forward and blossoming.

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