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- Retreats Are finally happening -
June and July

only 4 places 


"When you are stuck in a rut,

change direction to change your results

and shine your 



About me

I love to freestyle everything! I have always looked for opportunities so my life story reads a bit like an encyclopaedia but what I have learnt is that you are always ready for a change, whether it is a minor tweak or a jump into the unknown.

I am a qualified coach and NLP practitioner (Neuro Linguistic programming, sort of between cognitive behavioral therapy and hypnotherapy). I help you step out of your destructive habitual patterns and reawaken your inner child and your zest for life as you shed the fear of change.

When you choose to come on retreat here, we will walk through the Austrian Alps, escape from your daily grind, and have coaching sessions that will open up new possibilities and help you to build a bridge to a brighter future. Are you ready? Then lets go!

If you chose the online sessions, you will get a set of 3 sessions that move you from past hangups, to now and then on to your future. These are online so very convenient. 

I have already helped a wide range of clients to make their changes as I specialise in jumpstart coaching where in a just a few sessions, I give you the tools to change direction easily.

Have you had a dream for a long time?

Been thinking that you need change?

Have you had change thrust upon you and finding it hard?

Then my coaching services are for you!

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Building bridges to a brighter future


I work with individuals on a 1:1 basis online to get a strong start for any

new project.

Get that jumpstart that you need


I have a Facebook page, which you can be invited to join after the first session, that keeps you on track with your training at a fraction of the cost compared to 1:1 sessions.

Online group sessions

We meet regularly online so that you can ask your questions in a group. If you don’t know the answer then others probably don’t either and you can get feedback from those further along the journey.


I own a guesthouse in the Austrian Alps where we will be running several retreats a year alongside a Yoga/Pilates or Wellness Instructor, where you can get together with like-minded souls and take time to yourself, for yourself, to get your life on the right path in stunning scenery.

My Services
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